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Developing websites is nothing new, or innovative.  So what separates Houser Media from the competition? As you can see there is no secret formula, just solid morals and good business practices.   While this may be true, after years of developing for the web and actively collecting feedback we identified two serious problems with the typical website.

Problems with a typical  website

Marketing : Websites do not market themselves

We understand that no one knows how to market our client’s product or service better than our client.  In spite of this, our clients typically lack the necessary tools to efficiently reach their target market.  Advertising is always a sound solution, but this is only effective for those who have the resources to sustain a continuous advertising investment.  When the advertising budget runs dry, the ads come down.  Clients quickly find that advertising is not a practical means of reaching their target audience.

Management : There is no simple way to manage and optimize a website

While it is easy to find a free content management system (CMS) by performing a quick search on Google, there is no simple, comprehensive solution.  It became clear that we were in need of a program which the average internet user could operate without experience or training; we like to call this “natural usability”.  Additionally, this system needed to be capable of automatically optimizing content, and interpreting complex data into usable information.

Our Solution

Instead of altering our client's needs to fit an existing solution, we developed Site Life Marketing System.  Now our clients are able to easily optimize their website for search engines and effectively reach their target market, inexpensively.