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There is nothing average about what we do, or what we are capable of.  We don't just deliver finished products, we deliver business relationships.  Read more about Houser Media and what makes us different.

Web Development

Everyone knows someone who can design a website, but few can deliver sustainable solutions with professional results.  Using our proprietary technology, we are able to quickly build quality products that are 100% managed and maintained by our clients.  This system was built around simple management, and automatic search engine optimization.  View our portfolio

Standard Website Features

Available Website Features

Mobile Website

A free mobile website is included with every website we produce.  The need for mobile websites has become almost a necessity as mobile web traffic continues increase.  Using our proprietary CMS, Site Life Marketing System, we are able to attach this feature to a project so everything can be updated and maintained from one convenient location.

Web Application Development

In addition to websites, we offer web application development services.  The difference between a website and a web application is becoming less distinct as web technology continues to advance.  Whether you are in need of a basic website extension, or a fully fledged social network system, custom web development is the simple answer to your needs and wants.

Search Engine Optimization

Providing statistical data without interpretation is like a trying to assemble a new bike without directions.  After years of research and experimentation, we developed a system that automatically optimizes content for search engines.  This “Automatic SEO” was accomplished by combining a SEO Tool with a CMS.  You can read more about Site Life Marketing System here.

On-Site Optimization

This is by far the most popular form of search engine optimization.  We offer everything from SEO consulting to software capable of automatically optimizing content.  There is no magic behind optimizing content; simply, keywords are the key to success.

Off-Site Optimization / Reputation Management

While not as popular, this form of search engine optimization is just as important as on-site marketing, if not more so.  Whether you are need of feedback improvement or just need an increase of positive PR, off-site optimization + reputation building is the answer.

Branding + Graphic Design

Stand out from the rest with a distinct brand image.  Our design process starts with an interview.  Using predefined, strategic questions you can rest assured that we will find a brand design to surpass your standards.


If our skills fit your needs, we will work for you.  We charge a flat rate of $108.98/hour for any service (excluding website development).  We provide you with an estimate, you put 50% down, we produce, and if you’re not satisfied with the end result then you keep the final payment!  Hire us today.